Introducing this month’s Scout Spotlight…The Baitingers!  We caught up with them this month after the successful launch to their recent Old Navy campaign to find out just WHAT IS the secret sauce to their success in the modeling industry …

The entire family entered modeling all because of, Ziggy, the the middle child.  When he was 4 years old, his parents asked him what he wanted to do for his extra curricular activity. His response was to take pictures and cooking!  They actually thought he would say soccer or basketball because the family is all about sports.


When The Baitingers arrived to Scout with Ziggy, Sean Jr, little Skylar and even the dad, Sean Sr were all signed! As you can see it was a no brainer for Scout.

This was two years ago and The Baitingers have since worked on campaigns for many notable brands such as Old Navy, Fab Kids, Nike, Tea Collection, Gap, Levis, SOLIDshot, Expensify & North Face. We asked mom, Kiddy Baitinger, who really is the backbone that keeps this all going so successfully, just how does she do it?


What was your first casting experience like?

We didn’t really know what to expect, but the one thing we realized was that casting calls are really quick. Sometimes we drive for 2 hours, coming from Sacramento, to only be seen by the client for 5-10 minutes tops and then have to drive 2 hours back.  We’ve learned to turn it around and make the best out of it by exploring happenings and fun destinations city afterwards.



How did the kids feel when they booked their first job?

The kids were really excited when they booked their first job.  It was for Tea Collection,  We weren’t too familiar with the brand before the booking so we had to do some research.  We have been booked with them a few times since and have grown to really love the crew over there. The kids really enjoy themselves each time we go.  From the makeup artists, to the photographers, and the studio teachers, and the whole team at Tea; it’s become like a family. And now we shop there for the kids. They love their clothes….especially their sweatshirts.


What is the funniest moment on a casting or job?

The funniest thing was when the kids saw a dog on set and realized that animals can be models too. They got a kick out of that. Another time was when they went back to shoot with Old Navy a second time.  They frequently get to work with props, but this time it was with lollipops, candy, and snacks and they of course just loved that.  Another time, there was leaf blower on set and Ziggy just loved getting in front of that thing! He never experienced that before.



What was it like seeing all three kids working together?

Seeing them all work together was really sweet because usually they are fighting or arguing about something. There are times they get along really well, being nice to one another, and encouraging to each other. They dance and laugh so much together. The crew on set commented on how lovely they were with each other.  Immediately after though, they went right back to fighting and arguing again.

What did the kids think when they saw themselves in Time Square together?

They thought it was really cool to see themselves on such huge posters. They wanted to go to New York and see it for themselves.  A lot of people sent us photos. It was a really awesome experience for them and for the family.


What is some advice you could give to parents thinking of getting their kids into modeling?

I get this question a lot from other moms.  It takes a lot of commitment, dedication, and most importantly, organization! It is not easy, however it is really rewarding because the kids get to experience a lot of things they would not otherwise be able to do.  Biggest highlight is meeting really cool people and many other awesome families that are in the industry. It is always fun going to the castings because the kids know that they are going to see at least one familiar face.  We all have made some great friends along the way. There is a lot of sacrifice, a certain level of commitment and really playing close attention to all the emails, call times, logistics, etc as well as truly knowing the brands and their overall message.



Not a lot of people have the time to travel and deal with all the minute details and logistics. It can be daunting.  We turn it around and approach it like a family project. Now that we are traveling down to LA a lot more, we are now faced to learning a whole new market and how to navigate around that.  The reality of the modeling industry is that your kids don’t alway get picked so what I tell Moms is that when your kids don’t, take it lightly. It sounds trite, but it is really all you can do.  We look at it as another opportunity to learn something from the experience. With every casting call you get a chance to try again and again and to keep working at it.  One tip I share is prior to every casting, look up the brands you are meeting and learn as much as possible about them and their image and then dress the kids up in that brand or something similar to that brand. This creates the potential for clients to see what the kids would look like in their ad campaigns or on their ecommerce site.


What has been your favorite experience so far?

The whole modeling experience has been our favorite we have learned so much. We have met truly wonderful people, and have grown to love the clients we work for.  The kids had great fun from the adventure as a whole and we can’t wait to see what else modeling has in store for all of us.