Many times a day, across many media channels, platforms, and content mediums, we’ve noticed a movement in the exploration of beauty and what is considered beautiful.  Here at Scout, we explore how we can be a part of the conversation through the talent and artists we represent as well as the stories we help our clients tell. One wonderful example of this approach is Scout’s model/influencer, Chai Mai Boulayad.



My name is Chaimae Boulayad. Pronounced “Shay-Meh”. I am 23 years old. I was a born in small town called Taroudant, located south of Morocco. Taroudant is famous by its big brown walls that surround the whole city. It is also known for its warm climate. The average temperature ranges from 65 – 75 F.


How did you start your career as an influencer?

Well, I’ve always had a big love for anything beauty or style related.

I started my career as influencer about a year ago when I decided to share my favorite products and makeup techniques on Youtube and Instagram.




However, My first ever video I made was back when I was 18 where I shared different style of Hijabs for Muslim hijab wearing girls who needed a change of their regular hijab wrapping!


What’s your favorite thing about being an influencer. What are your favorite products.

My favorite thing about being an influencer is the engagement and the response I get from my followers when they try something I recommend or they advise me to try a different products I wasn’t aware of. Some of my favorite products are Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation, Sephora Collection lip balm in “ Almond”,  and Louis Vuitton Eau de Parfum in “Mille Feux”.

I enjoy makeup videos, and lookbooks the most!





What is an interesting fact that most people don’t know about you?

I Love reading or watching lectures about geeky theological conversations and books.

Some of my Favorites books are 11 minutes by Paulo Coelho, Reclaim your heart by Yasmin Mogahed, and of course the alchemist. (I read a lot in Arabic)



My favorite moment being an influencer was when I had a surprise visit from my followers. They came into Sephora, where I work.  These three young girls came in to say hello. They were very nervous that they couldn’t gather up their words. It was a very beautiful interaction. I will never forget that day!