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By Alexandria Ceranski, Scout Contributor

Ah... the allure of the fashion industry. From mysterious creative directors to whip smart producers, edgy stylists, and yes, the elusive models…. Ever wonder how some models, well, become models? How they land those big campaigns? How did they get to be so confident behind the camera? Is it as easy as it looks?  Behold, the Agent.


New faces Destin Williams and Teagan Fisher


Like anyone entering any new field, models have to start somewhere...and sometimes literally from nowhere. A professional portfolio is not necessary to become a model. There are different pathways and points of entry along with different markets that ask to different looks. All of this may sound like a perpetual paradox. We sat down with the agents from Scout are providing some insight to their side of the industry.

We all know the “Discovered a star” stories of supermodels Kate Moss being discovered in the JFK airport and Gisele Bundchen found at a mall in Brazil. These are stories of scouting. Scouting is when agents attend events, go to local hang outs, or casually pass a potential model in their day to day and ask if they are interested in being a model. This is how someone can “get discovered” . Scout agent, Becca Mikesell, recently attended Outside Lands in Golden Gate Park, San Francisco to look for new faces. She says, “I don't tend to look for anything specific because you never know who you will find! I seek out all ethnicities and sizes.” For both men and women, height and defined bone structure is an eye cater. Another way to become a model is through your social media.


New faces Jacob Myer and Sara Wada


Scout is a very inclusive modeling agency in San Francisco and Los Angeles. Another Scout agent, Jada Ogden, says, “We work with a wide range of clients, that request various types of models.” To cater to those clients, Scout does not have a defined “look” they go for. “We are constantly looking for all sizes, all ethnicities, and people that could work as ‘editorial models’, ‘beauty’, ‘e-commerce/catalog’, ‘athletic’ or ‘commercial/lifestyle’.”

Being scouted is not the only way to become a model, you can submit yourself on an agency’s submissions page on their website. The difference here is when you perk the interest of a scout. In a public setting, it is an immediate face-to-face interaction. Submitting allows them to see your face and any information you include. Either way of getting discovered is valid, and both lead to a common next step.


New face Haley Logan


If our agent(s) think you are a good candidate for the agency’s curated board, they will offer moving forward with another meeting. This time it will be more informational and allow the modeling agent to see your personality and get to know you. It is also a time to ask any questions the model may have. Some tips from Jada on how to have a successful second meeting: “We prefer the girls and guys come as natural as possible. For girls [this means] little to no make-up and wear form fitting clothes that show their body/shape. For guys, jeans and t-shirt is fine.” Jada’s major no’s are: come with a full face of makeup on, wear heels you can’t walk in, and lie about your height and measurements. “We'll measure you when you come to the meeting anyways.”


Great digital examples of new face Olivia Larke and newly scouted Olivia Matthiessen


An important thing that Jada advises to remember is that signing with a modeling agency doesn’t mean you will start getting job after job right away. The phrase “grow in your craft” is a very active statement in the modeling industry. This process is called development. It includes a lot of test photoshoots, runway lessons, workouts, etc. “We are helping develop them into a model. That process could take weeks, months, or years, depending on that person's ability and growth.”


Great digital examples of new faces Sara Wada and Olivia Larke


There a long and ongoing discussions in society and in the industry about models being more than pretty faces. “If you are dull or have a bad attitude, the chances of you getting booked are slim,” Becca says. “At the end of the day, modeling is a job. Clients don't want to be stuck on set for 8+ hours a day with a model who is a stick in the mud!” There are numerous amounts of girls with brown hair, blue eyes, and freckles or men with blonde hair, brown eyes, and are 6’. If a client has a hard time with a model on set that day, they can easily find a replacement. Each booking is a precious and fragile place to be. Jada says, “In order to get repeat bookings with a client- they'll want to book with someone that is on-time, easy going, hard working, nice to everyone on set, and grateful for the opportunity!” Recommendations and precautions are given between clients in this industry about the models they work with. The fashion industry is very small despite its global reach. Reputations and personality are a high selling point when you are on a board of other model options being cast for a job.

The question of how to be a model is answered by throwing back the veil of the modeling industry. This industry really is a craft that is developed and practiced. It is not all glamorous. The people you encounter and the creative mindsets that you experience make the process so worth while. Our agents are part of the end image as much as the model is. If you are interested in becoming a model, Scout is one of the best modeling agencies in San Francisco. If you are in Southern California, we also have an office in Los Angeles.




Many times a day, across many media channels, platforms, and content mediums, we’ve noticed a movement in the exploration of beauty and what is considered beautiful.  Here at Scout, we explore how we can be a part of the conversation through the talent and artists we represent as well as the stories we help our clients tell. One wonderful example of this approach is Scout’s model/influencer, Chai Mai Boulayad.



My name is Chaimae Boulayad. Pronounced “Shay-Meh”. I am 23 years old. I was a born in small town called Taroudant, located south of Morocco. Taroudant is famous by its big brown walls that surround the whole city. It is also known for its warm climate. The average temperature ranges from 65 - 75 F.


How did you start your career as an influencer?

Well, I’ve always had a big love for anything beauty or style related.

I started my career as influencer about a year ago when I decided to share my favorite products and makeup techniques on Youtube and Instagram.




However, My first ever video I made was back when I was 18 where I shared different style of Hijabs for Muslim hijab wearing girls who needed a change of their regular hijab wrapping!


What’s your favorite thing about being an influencer. What are your favorite products.

My favorite thing about being an influencer is the engagement and the response I get from my followers when they try something I recommend or they advise me to try a different products I wasn’t aware of. Some of my favorite products are Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation, Sephora Collection lip balm in “ Almond”,  and Louis Vuitton Eau de Parfum in “Mille Feux”.

I enjoy makeup videos, and lookbooks the most!





What is an interesting fact that most people don’t know about you?

I Love reading or watching lectures about geeky theological conversations and books.

Some of my Favorites books are 11 minutes by Paulo Coelho, Reclaim your heart by Yasmin Mogahed, and of course the alchemist. (I read a lot in Arabic)



My favorite moment being an influencer was when I had a surprise visit from my followers. They came into Sephora, where I work.  These three young girls came in to say hello. They were very nervous that they couldn’t gather up their words. It was a very beautiful interaction. I will never forget that day!





: the condition of having or being composed of differing elements : variety; especially : the inclusion of different types of people (such as people of different races or cultures) in a group or organization


Melissa Ruiz, Xin Yu


Diversity in the fashion industry is a hot topic right now. But why just now? What brought us to this crossroads where being diverse is trendy? It seems that by this point in time, diversity should not be an anomaly, but rather an undisputed, celebrated fact. That’s what Scout believed when the agency opened in 2011. Our Agency Director and resident boss lady, Jada Ogden, knew from the start that she didn’t want a board of all similar-looking white girls. Frankly, after spending eight years as a model agent she was exhausted of the same stereotype. She set out to make that change and soon developed the diverse range of models we represent today.


Sophia Jackson, Hawa Zabel


Xin Yu, Kate Becker


As the years progress, Scout continues to make diversity the center of our business. We pride ourselves in representing all shapes, sizes and ethnicities. When looking for models we look for a strong face and a personality that any client would fall in love with.


Sophia Jackson


Xin Yu


Kate Becker


Hawa Zabel


Melissa Ruiz


As a celebration of diversity, we put together a photo shoot, conceptualized by one of our agents, Becca Mikesell. The team was made up of Scout Models as well as our Scout Creatives: Joe Charles, Janet Mariscal and April Foster.  We were lucky enough to partner with a few local brands (Azalea SF, Freda Salvador and Soko) who share the same vision to make this photoshoot come to life.




We had our Scout Model & Creatives Annual Holiday Party in December 2017 and from what we can remember everyone had a blast. Hundreds of our favorite clients, models, and artists come back every year to this love fest. The holidays are a perfect time for us to get together, build community and foster relationships.  Creative Directors, Producers, Casting Directors, Art Directors, and Founders from the most loved brands in The Bay were there: Levi’s, Stitch Fix, PB Kids, Old Navy, Gap, Banana Republic, Walmart, Everlane, Third Love, and Marine Layer to name a few.  We look forward to continuing to build our community with our upcoming meet up events. If you are interested in attending, let us know here.


Scout Model, Charlotte, Stylist, Lorence M. with Friend and Scout Model, Erin


Azalea and Sandbox Studios Teams


Scout Model, Bijon Hill. Scout Agent, Becca Mikesell. Scout Agency Director, Jada Ogden. Scout Creatives Hair & Makeup Artist, Christina Flach


Scout Creatives Photographer, Brendan Manini


Scout Creatives Director, Clarissa Nicosia. Photo Art Director, Kevin Prentice


Scout Models Eirinie, Avalon, Alyssa and Sterling


Photographer, Fujio Emura and guest Daniel Lord


Closet 1951 Founder, Ilona Rinenberg and Guest Scout Model, Adriana


Scout Creatives, Hair & Makeup Artist, Janet Mariscal and Friends


Everlane’s Photo Producer, Muriel Schneider and Scout Model, Brooks


Scout Models Derrick Russell, Tyler Birkstrand and Justin Smith


Stitch Fix Crew with Scout Model Melissa Ziegler


Le Tote Photo Art Director, Sara Davis and Farid Zare


#ScoutFam Austin, Scout Model Sierra Lippert, Scout President Ryan Lippert and David Pirrotta, Founder of David Pirrotta Brands


Scout Spotlight: Meet The Baitingers!

Scout Spotlight: Meet The Baitingers!

Introducing this month’s Scout Spotlight...The Baitingers!  We caught up with them this month after the successful launch to their recent Old Navy campaign to find out just WHAT IS the secret sauce to their success in the modeling industry ...

The entire family entered modeling all because of, Ziggy, the the middle child.  When he was 4 years old, his parents asked him what he wanted to do for his extra curricular activity. His response was to take pictures and cooking!  They actually thought he would say soccer or basketball because the family is all about sports.


When The Baitingers arrived to Scout with Ziggy, Sean Jr, little Skylar and even the dad, Sean Sr were all signed! As you can see it was a no brainer for Scout.

This was two years ago and The Baitingers have since worked on campaigns for many notable brands such as Old Navy, Fab Kids, Nike, Tea Collection, Gap, Levis, SOLIDshot, Expensify & North Face. We asked mom, Kiddy Baitinger, who really is the backbone that keeps this all going so successfully, just how does she do it?


What was your first casting experience like?

We didn’t really know what to expect, but the one thing we realized was that casting calls are really quick. Sometimes we drive for 2 hours, coming from Sacramento, to only be seen by the client for 5-10 minutes tops and then have to drive 2 hours back.  We’ve learned to turn it around and make the best out of it by exploring happenings and fun destinations city afterwards.



How did the kids feel when they booked their first job?

The kids were really excited when they booked their first job.  It was for Tea Collection,  We weren’t too familiar with the brand before the booking so we had to do some research.  We have been booked with them a few times since and have grown to really love the crew over there. The kids really enjoy themselves each time we go.  From the makeup artists, to the photographers, and the studio teachers, and the whole team at Tea; it’s become like a family. And now we shop there for the kids. They love their clothes….especially their sweatshirts.


What is the funniest moment on a casting or job?

The funniest thing was when the kids saw a dog on set and realized that animals can be models too. They got a kick out of that. Another time was when they went back to shoot with Old Navy a second time.  They frequently get to work with props, but this time it was with lollipops, candy, and snacks and they of course just loved that.  Another time, there was leaf blower on set and Ziggy just loved getting in front of that thing! He never experienced that before.



What was it like seeing all three kids working together?

Seeing them all work together was really sweet because usually they are fighting or arguing about something. There are times they get along really well, being nice to one another, and encouraging to each other. They dance and laugh so much together. The crew on set commented on how lovely they were with each other.  Immediately after though, they went right back to fighting and arguing again.

What did the kids think when they saw themselves in Time Square together?

They thought it was really cool to see themselves on such huge posters. They wanted to go to New York and see it for themselves.  A lot of people sent us photos. It was a really awesome experience for them and for the family.


What is some advice you could give to parents thinking of getting their kids into modeling?

I get this question a lot from other moms.  It takes a lot of commitment, dedication, and most importantly, organization! It is not easy, however it is really rewarding because the kids get to experience a lot of things they would not otherwise be able to do.  Biggest highlight is meeting really cool people and many other awesome families that are in the industry. It is always fun going to the castings because the kids know that they are going to see at least one familiar face.  We all have made some great friends along the way. There is a lot of sacrifice, a certain level of commitment and really playing close attention to all the emails, call times, logistics, etc as well as truly knowing the brands and their overall message.



Not a lot of people have the time to travel and deal with all the minute details and logistics. It can be daunting.  We turn it around and approach it like a family project. Now that we are traveling down to LA a lot more, we are now faced to learning a whole new market and how to navigate around that.  The reality of the modeling industry is that your kids don’t alway get picked so what I tell Moms is that when your kids don’t, take it lightly. It sounds trite, but it is really all you can do.  We look at it as another opportunity to learn something from the experience. With every casting call you get a chance to try again and again and to keep working at it.  One tip I share is prior to every casting, look up the brands you are meeting and learn as much as possible about them and their image and then dress the kids up in that brand or something similar to that brand. This creates the potential for clients to see what the kids would look like in their ad campaigns or on their ecommerce site.


What has been your favorite experience so far?

The whole modeling experience has been our favorite we have learned so much. We have met truly wonderful people, and have grown to love the clients we work for.  The kids had great fun from the adventure as a whole and we can’t wait to see what else modeling has in store for all of us.



For this month’s Scout Model Spotlight, we sat down with model, Sophia Jackson our spunky, green-eyed bae from the bay!

Name: Sophia Jackson

Where are you from? San Francisco, CA /Los Angeles, CA

How did you get scouted? Where were you? I was 6 years old shopping with my aunt at Old Navy in SF when I was approached by someone at Gap Kids.

Tell us details about your first job? I don’t remember much (I was 6), but I know it was a hot day in August and we were shooting winter coats so it was really hot. Still loved it though! 

What’s your favorite thing about being a model with Scout? I love the community within the agency #SCOUTFAM and I love that my agents at Scout are kind and easy to communicate with. They’ve made my dreams come true and exceeded my expectations to say the least!

What is the most memorable photo shoot you’ve been on? What was your favorite job/Client and why? I really love my job so it’s tough to narrow it down, but Anastasia Beverly Hills was super fun. Full glam and a rainbow wig - I’m sold.



What is the most embarrassing thing that has happened to you on set? Did anyone notice? One time I missed my morning flight to LA which made me over an hour late to a shoot and when I got there I spilled coffee all over the craft service table. Yes, people noticed.

Who would be a Dream Client that you would love to work with? Tom Ford.

When you’re not working, where would we find you? Probably shopping for black clothes or a new moisturizer.

Who is your style icon? Celebrities would be Kendall Jenner and Bella Hadid but I also draw a lot of inspiration from my friends, family, people I work with and people on the street.

Who is your favorite fashion designer? Ricardo Tisci’s work at Givenchy stands out to me. Phoebe Philo. Tom Ford, of course.

Who is your celebrity crush? Pharrell and Emily Ratajkowski.

Who is the one musician/band (dead or alive) that you haven’t seen, but would love to? The Cure.

What do you always have in your model bag? I try to keep makeup wipes and moisturizer with me, plus pasties/nipple covers.

What is the best and worst purchases you’ve ever made? Best: High waisted lululemon leggings. Worst: Jackets without pockets!

What ridiculous thing has someone tricked you into doing or believing? I’ve learned the hard way that not everyone can use coconut oil as face moisturizer.

What is something that is really popular now, but in 5 years everyone will look back on and be embarrassed by? Fast fashion. It may take a lot more than 5 years to sort this one out but I think at some point, we’ll be embarrassed at how little we considered waste and sustainability in consumer expenditures.

What is your favorite go-to restaurant in San Francisco? Chez Maman. I recommend the Potrero Hill location for relatively easy parking and city views. Get the fries.

Where do you shop? Nordstrom. Aritizia. Zara. Revolve. Azalea SF. My all time favorite is Fwrd.com

If you could have any superpower what would it be? Teleportation.

What is an interesting fact that most people don’t know about you? I’m still not super comfortable wearing my hair curly. I straighten it on my days off because it’s easier to brush.



What was the last text you received? My boyfriend checking in. He’s cute.

What is the funniest gag gift you have received? I love getting random snacks as gifts. Hot cheetoh fries are the key to my heart!

Lip gloss or lipstick? Lipstick.

Who is your favorite photographer? Jenn Collins.



Shag. Marry Kill:

  • Ryan Gosling - Kill. (Sorry Ryan, this wasn’t easy)
  • Zayne Malik - Marry. (No disrespect, Gigi)
  • G-Eazy - Shag.

What’s the longest you go without checking your IG? A few days, but it’s usually every hour.

Besides your phone, what don’t you leave the house without? Sunglasses. Always.

If you could travel anywhere for work, where would it be and why? Mexico because tacos on the beach.

What is your favorite weekend getaway spot? Honestly, Dolores Park.

Your Rap Name is “Young” + the last thing you spent Money on. Young Chai Latte.