Today, the stakes are higher for ecommerce sites and shoppers expect nothing less than top-notch experiences including more photography views to showcase garment fit, more product fabrication details, more outfitting direction for mileage on the investment they are about to make…and the list goes on! Technology is a blessing, but often customers pre-shopped prior to visiting your site, so it’s best to “surprise and delight” users through content and enforce a human connection. Art direction has evolved into a huge storytelling opportunity with editorial content as the anchor, allowing customers to envision your products woven into the fabrics of their lives. More importantly, retailers must integrate engaging, honest content on every level of the shopping experience to keep them longing for more.

Below are 3 key content strategies to hook your customers for life!


1) This medium is a solid way for brands to connect with consumers, whether it’s “behind the scenes”, “watch the show” runway coverage as seen with the Parisian handbag icon Longchamp, or “inside the mind of a designer” type editorial moment like on Net-a-porter. Customers expect to be romanced especially at the homepage level when they first arrive on-site. Retailers have the opportunity to really showcase product details at a completely new level, and stand behind items with a fresh perspective to paint a more solid picture.



Long gone are the days of simple product views (front, side, back). I admire French retailers, like the sophisticated iconic apparel brand, Maje and feminine dressmaker Mes Demoiselles Paris, who are stepping it up and expanding to a much more aspirational, emotional level on the bread and butter pages of the site. In essence, marketing and product blend together and create a more meaningful site experience on every page. Additional crops and angles highlight key product features, along with colored backgrounds to add visual variation.




More brands are incorporating inspirational imagery and articles throughout the shopping experience to set the scene. The editorial content is the magazine cover, or “outside” of your store,  so it’s always important to provide “fresh”, new and relevant content daily. Nordstrom does this with animated gifs and compelling marketing offers at the product page level. Zara who plays in key fashion categories at value price points, continues to elevate the site experience with inspiring photography. Balance is key though, and some appreciate the sleek, clean aspect of editorial also as seen on Cuyana.



The opportunities are endless!  And, we are available to jump in and help. If you are interested for full custom audit and comprehensive report of your Ecommerce content creation,  contact Scout Creatives.